Discover The Secret to Becoming a Champion— Regardless of Ability, Speed, Schedule, Stats, Critical Acclaim or AP Polls


Here’s a hint:  true success has little to do with what others say about you and everything to do with what you say to yourself.


When you or your team possesses the ability to think about success, competition and winning in ways that are more internal and less external, amazing things begin to take shape.


If you’re looking for better performance from your team, look at the internal playbooks of your team members.


I have a long history of helping college and professional teams and athletes clear out their mental clutter so they can increase their own level of trust in themselves and their abilities.


Mental clutter can manifest itself in many ways, including:


  • Doubts about performance
  • Fear of failure
  • Past disappointments, frustrations and losses
  • Judgments of themselves and others
  • Personal issues that have nothing to do with sports


Any combination of these can clutter up the minds of your players at game time, which almost always results in players who aren’t living up to their athletic potential when you need them the most.


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Dr. Kevin Elko


When you enlist my help with your team, I’ll come in for a series of 4-5 visits, because ongoing reinforcement is critical to the success of this particular program.


We’ll get to work on the 2 key elements of top performance:  Self-talk and manifesting the visions inside your mind.


With self-talk, we’ll help your team members eliminate unwanted thoughts, the mental clutter that’s weighing them down like an anchor, holding them back from achieving their highest potential. 


Once the clutter is cleared it paves the way for some amazing things to happen, including: 

  • Increased self-confidence
  • More focus and clarity on gametime strategies and tactics
  • Dramatically increased performance levels

The second element I’ll drive home is showing your team how to visualize positive outcomes both on and off the field of play, giving you that competitive edge you’ve been looking for. 


This is a very powerful tool for creating personal and professional victories throughout life.  Once they’re able to do this effectively, they’ll have:


  • A mastery of every moment, leaving stress and pressure to the competition
  •  A huge boost in positive momentum, with a powerful “nothing can stop me” feeling, which can be maintained throughout the season and beyond 
  • A marked increase in trust—in both their coaches and teammates 

As one of America's most requested Performance Speakers I’ve helped Professional and Major College Athletic Programs reach their top performance levels.

I was given National Championship rings from both the University of Miami and the Louisiana State University Football teams for my contributions to their outstanding success!

In addition, I have consulted with the football programs at University of Alabama, Rutgers University, University of Pittsburgh, University of North Carolina, University of Nebraska, and basketball programs including Louisiana State University's Final Four women's team.

On the Professional level, I worked with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  

Here is what Extremely Successful Coaches, Athletic Directors and Athletes Say About My Programs!


"There is no doubt in my mind one of the reasons we turned the program around at the University of Miami and now at the University of North Carolina was Kevin Elko.  His program taught players valuable lessons about focusing, handling adversity as well as success.  Kevin has had a major impact on our success." - Butch Davis, Head Football Coach, University of North Carolina

"Kevin Elko is the real deal.  I've been there when he delivers one of his famous talks and he really fires everyone up.  I'll never let anyone else speak to my team."  -Nick Saban, Head Football Coach, University of Alabama

"Kevin Elko has shown me and my team how to motivate ourselves and achieve emotional balance on and off the field.  He especially showed us how to stay focused on the present." - Emmitt Smith, NFL All-Time Leading Rusher

"Kevin Elko taught us that winning comes from within.  He is a powerful teacher and motivator who helped us develop and implement our National Championship Process." - Larry Coker, Former Head Football Coach, University of Miami

"Kevin Elko is one of the brightest men I know.  He will help you focus your team and your life. " - Steve Pederson, Athletic Director, University of Pittsburgh  

I’m currently booking speaking engagements and coaching programs with Athletic Departments and Coaches in all sports that are serious about taking their teams to the next level and building a championship process.  As of this writing there are still some desirable openings available for your team.

Ready to learn more? Please contact me at and we can discuss next steps. Thanks! 

"Life changing and powerful...The definitive recipe for ongoing success.  The lessons and life strategies contained within "Nerves of Steel" go far beyond making you more successful in the workplace and on the field, they provide a recipe for greater peace, success and happiness in life."     
Barry Knight
Vice President
Pioneer Mutual Funds

"There has never been a better time for this message.  Dr. Elko is fantastic!"
Donnie Smyles
Vice President, Financial Advisor

"Dr. Elko taught both me and my team how to motivate ourselves for emotional balance so we didn't become
too high or too low, but remained focused on the game situation."
Emmitt Smith
NFL All-time Leader Rusher

"Dr. Elko has the unique ability to touch everyone he speaks with.  Nobody walks away without picking up something that makes them a better person.  If I had one choice for someone to work with my firm, I would pick Dr. Elko.  He has the unique ability to help people become the kind of person they want to be."
Andy Kalbaugh
Chief Executive Officer
Mutual Service Corporation 

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