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"The Chop" is the Secret to Rutgers's Success
Dr. Elko helps the Rutgers University Football Team reach Success

Achieving Your Dream
Dr. Elko's recent appearance on The 700 Club Television Show is discussed in this article.

Alabama Motivational Mastermind
Article on how Dr. Elko has helped Alabama with motivation

Consultant to Professional Athletes puts his advice in a book
Dr. Elko's Nerves of Steel Book featured in Pittsburgh Newspaper

Dr. Elko and Alabama Football

Dr. Elko helps prepare the University of Alabama Football Team

Dr. Elko and The Crimson Tide

Here's an article from the Birmingham News about Dr. Elko's wotk with the National Champion University of Alabama Football Team.

Dr. Elko helps Florida State's Jameis Winston be strong!

Jameis Winston talks about how Dr. Elko's advice helped him in the BCS victory

Dr. Elko makes Alabama Football's VIP List

Dr. Elko came in at #16 on Alabama Football's VIP top 25 list!

Dr. Elko works with University of Louisville Baseball Team

Dr. Elko helps prepare Louisville Baseball for College World Series

Elko has national reputation as "motivator" to stars

This article discusses Dr. Elko's work with various elite College Football Programs.

Finding a Will to Succeed

Dr. Elko helps High School Football Coaches understand what it takes to succeed.

NFL Draft Insight from Analyst of Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys

Dr. Elko discusses the keys to success in the NFL Draft

NFL Psychological Report - The Mort Report - ESPN

Dr. Elko is a regular guest on ESPN's The Mort Report with Chris Mortensen on ESPN Radio.

Personality Testing

Dr. Elko helps NFL teams evaluate potential draft choices

Saban's secret weapon: Elko lays out plan for success.

Dr. Elko fires up the Crimson Tide Football team and discusses the keys to success.

The Motivational Speaker's Job Gets Heavier

Dr. Elko helps relieve the stress of Wall Street's finest after the September 11 tragedy

USA Motivation Needed

Dr. Elko discusses how to motivate America in this interview with The Beachwood Reporter.