"Nerves of Steel"...A Powerful Life-Management Program!

Dr. Elko's exciting program addresses life-changing concepts by explaining the step-by-step process necessary to guide you.  Dr. Elko teaches you how to be mentally tough when times call for it, and how to stay focused on the things that are truly important.

Although there has been much energy given to stress and how to handle it, the challenges of the stressful environment remain.  Today's workplace, be it an athletic field, a business office, or our home, is more stressful than ever and people report being less able to handle their environment now than any time in history.  In his approach, Dr. Elko discusses the strategy necessary to develop Nerves of Steel.  He points out the importance of intrinsic motivation and how to keep those motivators in front of you at all times.  Dr. Elko discusses how to focus using specific self-talk and how to identify your internal Voice of Judgement (V.O.J.) and how to internally respond to it.  Finally, to retain the information taught in this program, Dr. Elko explains how to give away the very thing you need...your "68". 

There is very little evidence that I.Q. alone is responsible for the success that an individual has in life.  But one's ability to focus through adversity, be creative and maintain motivation, all factors that are referred to as having "Nerves of Steel" has been known to have a significant influence on one's success and satisfaction.  

Why develop Nerves of Steel?

After completing this life-management program, you will understand how to:

  • Corral the subject of stress and guide yourself through the step by step process of focusing on the task at hand...similar to how athletes focus on the contest at hand.
  • Focus during tense situations, whether raising children, playing the stock market, competing in athletics or just plain enjoying life.
  • Develop mental skills to properly focus on your goals in life.
  • Motivate yourself to act on your goals.

What are the Steps to Building Nerves of Steel?

  1. Take Responsibility: the ultimate way to disarm anger and regain power.
  2. Live Internally. Only you can control your actions and feelings.
  3. Identify your "68". Find out what makes you tick, and stay focused on it.
  4. Give away your "68". Once you know what you want, give it to others to receive even more!
  5. Think about what you think about: you need to practice and program yourself.
  6. Self Talk. In a "moment of truth", step back, reaffirm and coach yourself through it.
  7. Practice: keep going back to #1 until you are a better you.

These steps are discussed in detail in the Nerves of Steel program!

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"Life changing and powerful...The definitive recipe for ongoing success.  The lessons and life strategies contained within "Nerves of Steel" go far beyond making you more successful in the workplace and on the field, they provide a recipe for greater peace, success and happiness in life."     
Barry Knight
Vice President
Pioneer Mutual Funds

"There has never been a better time for this message.  Dr. Elko is fantastic!"
Donnie Smyles
Vice President, Financial Advisor

"Dr. Elko taught both me and my team how to motivate ourselves for emotional balance so we didn't become
too high or too low, but remained focused on the game situation."
Emmitt Smith
NFL All-time Leader Rusher

"Dr. Elko has the unique ability to touch everyone he speaks with.  Nobody walks away without picking up something that makes them a better person.  If I had one choice for someone to work with my firm, I would pick Dr. Elko.  He has the unique ability to help people become the kind of person they want to be."
Andy Kalbaugh
Chief Executive Officer
Mutual Service Corporation