If you work hard on your job, you have a career.  If you work hard on yourself, you have a fortune.


If you could easily access the motivational messages and inspirational words of Dr. Elko into your home or office every day, how do you think that would make you feel? 


  • Would you dare to dream bigger? 
  • Would you start to have more courage to let go of old habits that aren’t suiting you anymore and start living to your fullest potential?
  • Would you be happier?  Healthier?  More successful?

 Now you can enjoy that easy access with Dr. Elko’s Books, Audios, DVD's and bundled packages!

In addition, Dr. Elko's products make excellent gifts to help energize your organization or team to reach it's maximum potential.


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Below are the links to Dr. Elko's current products.  Please check back often as we are planning to launch several more products in the near future.


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Here is Dr. Elko's Complete List of Products

Audio Programs

The audio programs below are available in either Audio CD or MP3 Digital Download Format. 


Maximum Performance Mindset: How To Take Your Athletic Performance To The Next Level


Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing: A Program on Leadership

To Do The Impossible, You Have To See The Invisible

Inspired Living Audio Series


Your Sacred Season Audio Program


The Monday Morning Cup of Inspiration Audio Series


The Thursday Night Pep Talk Audio Series


Say It Out Loud


Your Personal Pep Talk: 13 Principles For Winning in Your Personal and Professional Life


Vision for Victory: 5 Steps to Your Ultimate Life


Think Like A Winner: Simple Strategies To Improve Your Life


How You Think: The Foundation to Health, Happiness and Success


Inspirational Insights CD Series


Disciple Game Plan


DVD Programs


   Say It Out Loud


 How To Be Truly Great      How to Create a Winning Mindset





 Nerves of Steel       The Pep Talk    




          True Greatness                     Touchdown       




Vision for Victory: A Guide to Becoming a Football Champion


Bundled Programs (Multiple products bundled together at discounted prices)

Click here for more information on bundled programs


Downloadable Programs

The programs below are available in MP3 Digital Download format only.


Downloadable MP3 Programs


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"Life changing and powerful...The definitive recipe for ongoing success.  The lessons and life strategies contained within "Nerves of Steel" go far beyond making you more successful in the workplace and on the field, they provide a recipe for greater peace, success and happiness in life."     
Barry Knight
Vice President
Pioneer Mutual Funds

"There has never been a better time for this message.  Dr. Elko is fantastic!"
Donnie Smyles
Vice President, Financial Advisor

"Dr. Elko taught both me and my team how to motivate ourselves for emotional balance so we didn't become
too high or too low, but remained focused on the game situation."
Emmitt Smith
NFL All-time Leader Rusher

"Dr. Elko has the unique ability to touch everyone he speaks with.  Nobody walks away without picking up something that makes them a better person.  If I had one choice for someone to work with my firm, I would pick Dr. Elko.  He has the unique ability to help people become the kind of person they want to be."
Andy Kalbaugh
Chief Executive Officer
Mutual Service Corporation 

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