Knowing What You Truly Desire
and How to Go After It!

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Boldness is being willing to take risks in the service of what matters. It means being courageous, speaking or acting in the face of possible danger or rebuke.

Boldness doesn’t mean lacking fear or anxiety, rather it means pushing past these to do what is right – or what makes your heart sing.

Are you ready to be…

  • A better person?
  • A better employee?
  • A better leader?
  • More successful in everything you do?

If so, this program is for you.

In this new audio program, Dr. Elko helps you examine your identity. Who we see ourselves as, has significant meaning as to the behaviors we demonstrate. And this series goes into seeing yourself as bold – being exactly who you are – believing in what you believe in, being true to yourself and letting the world feel the fullness of just that.

If you examine a successful parent, coach, teacher or salesperson, you will see that they are passionate and bold in what they believe in. Moreover, they understand the power of asking.

After spending time with sales organizations - helping them shape their brand and football teams and helping them develop their culture -  it was time to develop this program that is part of every winner’s makeup  – boldness.

Available in two audio CD’s or a digital download format (13 MP3 files). 

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Two Audio CD's

Click below to order the audio program in digital download format (13 MP3 files in Zip File Format). You will immediately be directed to the download link where you can download your audio program. Please download the files asap as the download link will expire in one month.

$32.99 Digital Download (13 MP3 Files) in Zip file format

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