To Do The Impossible, You Have To See The Invisible! 

If you interested in achieving greater success in life...then read on because we have the program for you!    

This is a program on goal setting.  This is an extremely important part of success in any aspect of life whether it's your career, marriage, sports, etc., but it's the one that the majority of people spend the least amount of time on. It's important that I point out that the majority of people I refer to in the previous sentence are also the people who achieve the least amount of success in their lifetime. 

Do you fall in this majority of people who do not have clear, written goals? Are you ready to pursue your dreams that have been on the back burner while all the other aspects of your life have taken precedence? Are you interested in taking the first step to achieving exactly what you want with a detailed plan on how you are going to get there? 

Read the quote below...

"The unfortunate aspect about living life without your own goals is that you may very well reach a point in your life where you will wonder, ‘what would have happened if I had only done…"
~ Catherine Pulsifer

Don't let this be a description of your life!

Creating well-defined goals, writing them down and reading them over and over again is a proven strategy for success.  The problem is...most people don't have the right process to help them do it.

You do more excuses! 

To Do The Impossible, You Have To See The Invisible focuses on what I like to refer to as the "foundation" for goal setting.  Many people fail to achieve their goals because they have no "foundation" and they start to pursue something because it's the "desire of the moment" as opposed to the aspirations of the heart.  

This program gives you that "foundation".  It has you assess your gifts and put them into action in a clear process that moves you towards your goals.  It emphasizes very specific steps for growth by setting goals, visualizing them happening, and speaking them into existence.  It also helps you develop tools so you do not become distracted from your goals.

This program will show you how to get more out of every aspect of your life.  Now you can:

  • Achieve financial freedom 
  • Become a better parent or spouse
  • Create a healthy lifestyle and body
  • Take your career to a new level
  • Achieve greater results on the athletic field
  • Grow spiritually

It's time to get busy living your dreams!  

Order this program today and start your new journey to success! 

We offer this program in two formats.  

  • Two-Audio CD Program with a Downloadable Workbook/Journal 
  • Six Downloadable MP3 files and a Downloadble Workbook/Journal in Zip file format. 

Two-Audio CD Program with a Downloadable Workbook/Journal:

This program includes two audio CD's and a downloadable workbook/journal to make it easy to document your goals and other "foundation" information as you go through the audio program.


Six MP3 Files with a Downloadable Workbook/Journal in Zip File Format:   

This program includes six downloadable MP3 files and a downloadable workbook/journal to make it easy to document your goals and other "foundation" information as you go through the audio program.


Price: $36.99

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