Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing:

 A Program on Leadership

Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal. —Vince Lombardi

Our definition of leadership:  Leadership is having the ability to influence how people think, act and develop.

To achieve success on any level, you need to be able to lead and influence people. Not just in the business world, but with your family, in sports, in relationships and just about anything else in your life.  Your ability to influence how people think, act and develop is absolutely crucial to the success of yourself and the people (employees, team, teammates, children, spouse, etc.) in your life.   

Dr. Kevin Elko has worked with some of the most successful leaders in their field. He has worked with senior management of major corporations to coaches and players of 6 BCS National Football Champions, including 4 of the last 5! 

And the one thing that is clear...  leadership is what separates those at the top from everyone else. 

Leadership, or the ability to influence, is one of the most sought after skills in America today. It's a required skill in all phases of life including parenting, sports, organizations and businesses, etc.

Leadership is also one of the most requested speaking topics we are asked to speak to companies, sports teams and organizations. So much so, that we have decided to put together talks, workshops, audio CD programs, ebooks, etc., focusing on the topic of leadership.

The leadership concepts taught in this program, will improve your career, your marriage, your relationship with your children, your role in your community, your coaching career and the list goes on and on.

Dr. Elko, together with best-selling author and seminar leader, Bill Beausay have put togther this leadership program based on their work with succssful corporations and championship sports teams.

Simply put...this is possibly our most impactful program to date!

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Leadership Package:

The leadership package consists of an audio program, available in either a CD format (2 audio CD's) or an MP3 digital download format (8 MP3 files) and a 41-page downloadable eBook packed with powerful leadership information and exercises.

Audio Program:

This audio program covers Dr. Elko’s successful approach to Leadership in high level competitive environments. His approach is simple: control your mind and control your team through vision and self-motivation, honing a simple mindset and message, and staying on it with grit.  In this program, you will learn many powerful “blocking and tackling” basics of leadership: 

  • The importance of knowing who you are 
  • How to subsconsciously connect with people 
  • "Focus phrases" to help you stay on track 
  • How to use the elephant (emothion), the elephant driver (logic or discipline) and the journey (process) in your leadership 
  • How to successfully manage setbacks with grit and focus 
  • How to succeed by keeping the main thing the main thing 


Leading People with Grit, Connection and Keeping the Main Thing The Main Thing 

This ebook, by Dr. Kevin Elko and Bill Beausay, was created as a teaching supplement to Dr. Kevin Elko’s popular talk on CD, Leadership: Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing.  Our focus here is simple: systematically build the basic leadership elements necessary to be successful in business and life.  This ebook delves deeper in the process of leadership than is possible in a one-hour talk, and trains readers to become action-oriented individuals capable of influencing people in any situation. This ebook can be used privately or in a group seminar setting; all you need is curiosity and an eagerness/mental flexibility to learn some new things.    

Our working definition of leadership, having the ability to influence how people think, act and develop may seem to be a tall order to you.  How do we effectively think and act on it? 

There’s an easy way and a difficult way to learn leadership. The difficult way is trial and error, random attempts or no effort at all in the direction of consistency. The easy way is this: learn this simple system that doesn’t take a lot of time or thought, is easily repeatable and builds automatic autopilot. 

Simple, systematic, repeatable, automatic: that’s our training target.

This eBook is broken down into 4 easy to complete sections, each leading progressively deeper into the skills critical to great leadership. 

In this eBook you will learn: 

  • How to lead with grit, connection and “keeping the main thing the main thing”  
  • Moving from confusion to clarity….3 simple things you can do now  
  • How to organize your inner game of leadership  
  • Connecting with people the way a leader connects  
  • Building your leadership ability as a Conscious/Subconscious autopilot  
  • How to create automatic autopilot for your emotional reactions  
  • Developing mastery over the inner pictures, conversations and feelings you have  
  • How to develop a strong bias to action  
  • Develop the ability to spot three (3) warning signs that your team needs you step up  Using grit to lead through ambiguity and difficult times  
  • How to quickly evolve yourself in opportune or difficult new directions  
  • Some simple ideas for dealing with troublemakers in your organization  
  • Practical ways to employ the “Elephant, driver and path” metaphor in leadership  
  • How to recognize and influence the system you operate in  
  • Begin mastering a creative approach addressing challenges  
  • Solve 4 of the greatest challenges facing all leaders  
  • Learn to lead your own life with grit  
  • Learn how to connect with key individuals in your world  
  • Learn the psychological fundamental to keep the main thing the main thing  
  • The downsides of leadership  
  • ….and much more.  

The reality is that you have way more power to lead than you would ever think. That is because 78% of people are looking outside themselves for answers.  It seems like most of us are wired to follow the herd until a leader shows up.  Your window to begin leading yourself and the herd around you is wide open to you all the time. Here is our bottom line promise: This eBook program will make you a better leader now. We guarantee it.  

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Leadership Workshop

If you are serious about taking your leadership training to the next level...please take a look at our Leadership Workshop entitled, I'm Strong If You're Strong.  Dr. Elko and Bill Beausay work directly with your leadership team in a dynamic, fast-paced half-day workshop.

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