Seasons – Learning How to Deal with Change



These are not tough times they are changing times, this is a very important distinction because as one labels they tend to adopt a set of behaviors that follow their label. However, this truth does not necessarily make life easier because the fact of the matter is few really know how to change. Last week a woman who was in tears was describing how her mother was telling her how she has emphysema and cancer while she was smoking a cigarette. I do not think there is such a thing as will power, but there is a specific set of skills that one uses to change. This talk outlines how the participant identifies the changes in their world and develops mental strategies to do the changes needed to become effective again, they (1) develop a new vision, (2) clear thoughts away that are not the new vision and (3) adhere to a system that gets them to the vision including asking for business they are entitled to. This talk describes how we need a season of change in our life to address the current challenges.