Attention parents, coaches and athletes! 

Over the years, I have been asked hundreds if not thousands of times by coaches and parents for a program that is completely focused on helping young athletes achieve their maximum performance. I am now announcing a complete system that will help young athletes overcome the issues that are holding them back and allow them to take their athletic performance to the next level.

Did you know that the number one reason that athletes fail to reach their maximum potential is not because they lack athletic ability?

I'm sure you have heard about all the "can't miss" athletes that fail to live up to their expectations. Why is that? It's not because they suddenly lost their athletic ability.

So why do they fail?

The reason is that the focus has always been on their athletic skill set and not their mindset. They were never given the mindset tools that are necessary to succeed on the athletic field. I'm referring to things like how to prepare, discipline, self-control, confidence, how to be coached, how to focus in critical situations and the list goes on.

My name is Dr. Kevin Elko and I have had the privilege of working with some of the top teams, coaches and athletes in the country. I have worked with Super Bowl Champions, National Championship College Teams and Olympic Athletes.  Most recently, I have worked with the University of Alabama Football Team and the Florida State University Football Team, that have combined to win 4 of the last 5 BCS National Championships!

Through my years of experience and teachings, I know exactly what it takes to be successful on the athletic field. 

Together with Bill Beausay, who also has years of experience working closely with athletes, we have developed the complete system that contains exactly what you need to take your athletic performance to the next level.  The system includes not only the audio program, but also a downloadable workbook where you can work through the program as you go.  As I always say, the best way to make something stick is to say it out loud and to write it down!   

Over the years I have received numerous calls and requests from parents and coaches asking for help with their athletes.

Here are some actual requests:

"My daughter is a highly ranked gymnast in our state but she has trouble handling the pressure of big gymnastic competitions. What can I do to help her?"  
"My son is a WR who has received a lot of Division I interest.  If he drops a pass in a game, he can't let that play go and move on. It's destroyed his confidence and could possibly jeopardize an athletic scholarship if he can't overcome this. What can we do to help him?"
"I'm a High School Basketball Coach with my entire starting five returning from a playoff year. We have the opportunity to do something special this year. The problem is the boys have let their success get to them and have become complacent about preparation. They think they don't have to put the work in to prepare because of what we accomplished last year. How can I get them back on track and motivate them so we can reach our maximum potential?"

These are all common issues with young athletes and major concerns among parents and coaches. Most athletes think that all they need to do is work on their speed, strength, and particular skillset but in actuality, that is only part of it. Without understanding and mastering the specific elements in my system, most athletes defeat themselves mentally before ever stepping foot into the competitive arena. 

That is why I developed a new program entitled, Maximum Performance Mindset: How To Take Your Athletic Performance To The Next Level. 

This is a proven system that works. I have decided to share with you the private performance system that I have previously used with my highest profile sports clients.

This program focuses on:

  • The importance of self-talk  
  • How to develop a "go-to script"  
  • The "Four Pillars" of elite athletic performance which are: 
  • Coach-ability 
  • Practice-ability 
  • Game-ability 
  • Inspire-ability   

Here are some of the key points we will focus on in this program: 

  • Learning the importance of preparation 
  • Learning how to practice 
  • Learning how to be coached 
  • Learning how to focus and eliminate mental clutter 
  • Learning how to build self-confidence
  • Learning how to accept responsibility
  • Learning how to excel in high pressure situations  
  • Learning how to overcome mental blocks and adversity  
  • Learning how to let go of bad performances 
  • Learning how to inspire and lead teammates 

This program can be used individually by athletes, by athletes working together, by coaches working with teams and by parents working with their young athletes.  

Order your copy today!

Maximum Performance Mindset Package

This package consists of an audio program, available in either a CD format (2 audio CD's) or an MP3 digital download format (7 MP3 files) and a 31-page downloadable workbook packed with actual examples, take-aways and action steps for you to put these principles to work immediately.

Click below to order the audio program in CD format and the downloadable workbook. You will receive the CD's in the mail in approximately 7-10 business days and you will be directed to the download link for the workbook immediately after ordering. Please download your product immediately because the link will expire in one week.

Price: $37.99

Click below to order the audio program in MP3 format (7 MP3 files in Zip File format) and the downloadable workbook in PDF format. You will be directed to the download link for the entire program immediately after ordering. Please download your product immediately because the link will expire in one week.

Price: $37.99

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If you are intersted in purchasing multiple copies of this program for each member of a team, use the discount code MPM for a 20% discount.  Simply enter MPM in the coupon code box of the shopping cart when checking out and click apply.  Your discount will be automatically applied. 

Speaking Engagements for Athletic Teams

If you are interested in a one hour to 90 minute session where the Maximum Performance Mindset principles are presented to your team in-person, contact us at for pricing and availability. 

Below is a description of the talk.

Maximum Performance Mindset

We have created a new talk designed specifically for high school and small college athletic teams. This talk teaches coaches and players how to implement and utilize Dr. Elko's Maximum Performance Mindset system in a team setting.

This talk follows the audio program/workbook we released. In this one hour to 90 minute session, Bill Beausay, co-author of the Maximum Performance Mindset training kit, will teach coaches and players how to maximize their mindset potential and play at a new level.

This talk will focus on helping your team improve in the four pillars of elite athletic performance. Specifically, it will show you how to: 

  • Increase Coach-ability
  • Improve Practice-ability
  • Sharpen Game-ability
  • Build Inspire-ability

This presentation accomplishes three major objectives:

  • Teaches your players Dr. Elko's simple self-talk system of maximum performance.
  • Creates an unbeatable combination of team focus and communication.
  • Builds effective leadership and improves confidence, responsibility and morale.

This program gets results now. Book your date today and start to build your Maximum Performance Mindset! 

Contact us at for pricing and availability.