Game Plan For Greatness

10.21.19 | Mobile, Alabama

Join Dr. Kevin Elko for his first ever public seminar. This four-part seminar will give you a GAME PLAN FOR GREATNESS. Dr. Elko has dedicated his life to helping organizations in areas of leadership, goal setting, and succeeding in your vision. Six-time author and longtime coach for coaches, Dr. Elko is presenting an all new seminar that will put you as the MVP in your game of life.

How to develop a vision and a 90-day plan to execute

It is easy to sit and constantly analyze the problem along with the mass media. The winners however look for a solution. How to create a vision of what you want to accomplish and how to make that vision clear and present in your daily life. Remove the clutter and stay IN THE GAME. Dr. Elko will walk you through how to develop a 90-day game plan to reach the vision goal line.

Develop personal self-talk to get you to your vision and wire your brain for success.

Clear the mental clutter that keeps your brain away from reaching your goal. Develop skills that will wire your brain for success. Learn how you connect with yourself so you can better connect with others. You can’t win the game of life unless your head is in the game. Learn how personal development will have your head in the game and focused on your success.

Identify intrinsic motivation triggers to keep you going and learn the power of connection with others.

One of the best ways to improve yourself in every aspect of life is to improve how you connect with others. You will increase your motivation when you have better connections with the people around you. Connection is the art of people, learn how connections with others improves every day life and helps you reach your goals. What motivates you? How do your connections to others motivate you and how can you build on these relationships to build your team in life?

Use your self-talk to eliminate mental clutter that keeps you from your goal.

Control what you can and let go of the mental clutter that is blocking you from your vision. Identify and remove those thoughts that are blocking you internally from reaching your goal. Develop a phrase that will help you get back in the game when mental clutter takes over. Learn how to create a game plan for the day based on this phrase and how to use your time wisely.


It’s time to create your own personal playbook for success!

$225 Per Person

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$1,300 for table of 6

Event Sold Out!

Includes a plated lunch at the famous Marriott Hotel
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