Ownership: The Key to Greatness

The best year of your life will come when you take ownership of every challenge in your life!  --Dr. Kevin Elko  

It’s easy to blame other people or circumstances for your lack of success. But all that does is take the focus away from the real issues. Taking ownership of what is going on in your life is the only real way to get things turned around.  Whether it’s a health problem, a problem at work, a problem with your marriage, a financial problem or a weight management issue, you have control of the situation if you take ownership. 

Announcing Dr. Elko program, which teaches you the importance of taking ownership and walks you through the steps to achieve greatness is any area of your life!                                                      

Ownership: The Key to Greatness

Greatness is rare yet most people strive for it in their life.  Greatness remains elusive for most of us but why? Let’s start by defining Greatness.  The greatest among you will serve the rest! So the definition of greatness for this program is simple – find your gifts and serve people daily with these gifts. Most people think greatness is conquering, being superior, being revered and living without flaws in their life.  But, as this program points out, we are what we worship – what we practice adoring. If we adore wealth we will eventually feel like we are in poverty. If we worship intellect we will eventually feel unintelligent. Greatness is worshiping that which does not change – service, kindness and connection. And finally, Greatness demands ownership – The Best Year of Your Life will be The Year You Take Ownership of every Challenge in your life.

This new exciting program focuses on bringing Greatness into your life by simply taking ownership. It points out the difference between being interested and being committed and how the committed have a mindset that leads to Greatness. It shows you how people who love a great life follow one sentence that describes them and they are what we call an and not a but.  It shows, in detail, how to encourage yourself to stay on process which is the price we pay for Greatness. This program will transform the way you live!  

This program is available in two audio CD’s or a digital download format (7 mp3 files).  Click the appropriate link below to order your copy today! 

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