The Sender - Companion Journal

When we created The Sender, we did so with the simple hope of providing a bright source of encouragement to people fighting for their lives. 

We hoped a book about a man determined to beat his cancer would be used as inspirational wisdom that people could pass along to loved ones who are in the dark places of health challenges, financial setbacks, family trouble and more. 

Now, the vision has expanded. We want to focus on you.  The Sender Companion Journal will encourage you in your walk and help prepare you for life’s difficult tasks. 

We’ve included original letters from Dr. Elko to Coach Chuck Pagano when he was battling cancer that have never been published.  In addition, we included new devotions written to expand the lesson in each letter.  As you complete the lessons, you will begin to think and live differently.  It had that impact on us. 

Enjoy the book and God Bless You!


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