"The culture precedes positive results. It doesn't get tacked on as an afterthought on your way to the victory stand. Champions behave like champions before they're champions: they have a winning standard of performance before they are winners. "

-- Bill Walsh

Are you ready for your best year ever?

  • Are you ready to improve in all areas of your life?
  • Do you want access to the exact process that the University of Alabama Football Team followed during their latest BCS Championship Season?

Read on… because Dr. Elko’s new program will show you the way!   

In order to be successful in anything… sports, business, family, parenting, friendships… you have to develop a culture. A culture lays the foundation for everything to come and will determine the level of success you will achieve in whatever you do.

This program is about understanding what it takes to build a winning culture. It describes the process of exactly what the University of Alabama Football Team followed, working with Dr. Kevin Elko, enroute to their latest BCS National Championship.

James Stockdale was an Admiral who was shot down flying his plane on a routine mission in Vietnam. As he ejected from his plane and was parachuting to the ground he was thinking:

"I will be the highest ranked United States official ever shot down and placed in a military prison which the military men named The Hanoi Hilton."

In the previous war, The Korean Conflict, United States soldiers had to kill one another to survive. James Stockdale gave himself the mission of developing a culture within the prison that would unify the soldiers so there would not be a repeat of what happened in the Korean Conflict and he did it by teaching one phrase over and over until it was their culture - U.S. which stood for unity over self. The prison ended up strong and unified and almost 70% of the soldiers said that being in that prison was a meaningful experience.

That is exactly what this program will accomplish and was the format for Alabama’s National Championship win against Clemson. Each individual, team, group, church, school, etc. has a culture and what is manifest is a result of that culture.

We may start out and fake it until we make it, but winners fake it until they become it. So What Now What was the first culture slogan used to build the team from Ohio State loss to Clemson victory. So this or that happened now what are you going to do and respond.

This program goes over principles that we teach ourselves and those around us that will lead to victory proven by the 2015 National Championship. It will teach you the steps from beginning with a Vision to completion of Claiming Victory until you “The Champion” becomes your very fabric.

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So What Now What: A Mental Blueprint for Your Best Year Ever

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