Many people fail in areas of their lives because they understand something objectively but not subconsciously. This disconnect occurs because of The Human Limbic System, which controls all beliefs that drive our reactions that powers our behaviors. And, really, what else is there except for our beliefs which power our behavior? Some say that attitude is everything, but not many know that attitude is not a gene but rather a muscle needing exercise. And like any muscle, if it is not subjected to a workout every 48 to 70 hours, that muscle will atrophy, will shrink, thus becoming smaller and weaker.

At the University of Alabama in the weight room for the football team, with whom Dr. Elko works, hangs a sign over the doorway: “Overtraining will not undo poor nutrition.” Likewise, a person’s mastery of technology or of anything in life cannot “undo” a poor attitude. Strengthening that “attitude” muscle (which stems from one’s beliefs) comes only with constant exercise.

In his seminar, Dr. Elko discusses our beliefs and how we make them. He teaches participants how to develop the tools they need to exercise that attitude muscle, how to manage their belief system, how to strengthen and feed that attitude muscle in order to build it into the fabric of their being, so that development and growth take place subconsciously and continuously.