Take Control of Your Attitude!

Do you have a process in place to continuously take positive steps to achieve happiness and success?

Well...you better because it doesn't happen by accident! 

Attitude simply defined is...a person's approach to life.  
One of the things I always stress in my speaking engagements is...

Attitude is not a gene...it's a muscle and you have to continuously work on it or it will not be strong!  

The level of happiness and success you achieve in your life is directly related to your attitude and how you approach life.  An attitude that is not strong will hold you back and not allow you to reach your maximum potential.

We all have tremendous potential but very few of us use our potential to achieve our desired result.  Attitude determines how much of our desired result we achieve in life.  Our attitudes are negatively influenced by the people around us, poor thinking habits, stress at work, difficulty dealing with daily challenges, family problems, etc.  

But...one thing is for sure and has been proven by years of research.  We all have complete control over our attitude if we take the right steps and surround ourselves with ways to constantly grow, our chances of happiness and success are much greater.

That's where I can help.      


Dr. Elko's Inspirational Insights CD Series!

We have just released the first of what will be many CD's covering various concepts that I focus on in my talks.  These are all 20-30 minute "easy listening" audio CD programs that cover areas that will help you improve your attitude and help you achieve happiness and success in your life.

What better way to work on your "attitude muscle" than to put one of Dr. Elko's Inspirational Insights CD's in your CD player on the way to work or while you are relaxing around the house?  

Here are the first CD's we are releasing.  We will be adding new ones frequently so please bookmark this page and check back often for new programs!

Note: Inspirational Insights CD programs will be shipped separately from other DrElko.com products.  

Intentionality - Dr. Elko discusses Intentionality, and how you can influence what you want to achieve by "intending" these things to happen.

Intrinsic Motivation - Dr. Elko discusses Intrinsic Motivation, what it is, what it is not and how you can use it to achieve your goals and desires. 

The Zone - Dr. Elko discusses "The Zone", a state where you can achieve your maximum potential. 

Live In Your Vision - Dr. Elko discusses the importance of living your life in your vision as opposed to living in your circumstances. 

Don't Quit - Dr. Elko discusses the importance of continuing to work your process and chasing your dreams.

Five Questions To Ask Yourself - Dr. Elko discusses five simple, mind-changing questions that you can ask yourself that will revolutionize your life. 

See It To Receive It - Dr. Elko discusses why we all need a clear vision of what we want in order to achieve it.

Retreat Rethink Respond - Dr. Elko discusses the "Three R's" and how they can help you handle difficult situations. 


Inspirational Insights CD Bundle - Includes all eight of Dr. Elko's Inspirational Insights CD's that you see on this page for over 10% off individual prices.