“The message in this book can lift a spirit and save a life—trust me—for me it has!”

-- Chuck Pagano, Head Coach, Indianapolis Colts


Based on the life-changing true story of Indianapolis Colts Head Coach, Chuck Pagano’s fight with cancer, The Sender blends creative storytelling and inspiration to communicate a powerful message of endurance, strength, and serving others.

Several games into the 2012 NFL season, Coach Pagano was diagnosed with cancer and immediately relinquished his coaching duties to enter an onerous 90-day chemo protocol. The Colts, inspired by the plight of their severely ill leader, rallied and nearly made it to the Super Bowl.

Throughout his treatment, Coach Pagano was highly motivated by daily messages sent to him by renowned sports performance consultant, Dr. Kevin Elko. Every day of the entire 90-day chemotherapy treatment cycle, Elko sent his friend encouragement, stories, anecdotes, and motivation. Every day. Simple, funny, homespun, and touching in every way, these letters have gone unseen by the public. Now the contents of the letters are revealed and used to create an intriguing foundation for a fictional retelling of Pagano’s life-changing story.

The novel features high school football coach Charlie Cristo whose life is forever altered, not by the cancer he is battling, but by the letters he receives every day from an anonymous source, known only as “The Sender.” Through Elko and Beausay’s creative storytelling, readers uncover profound lessons of life and faith that challenge Charlie Cristo (just as they did Coach Pagano) to live his life serving and loving others no matter what trials he endures.

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“Dr. Kevin Elko has certainly contributed to our success in providing a new twist on focus, attention to detail, team work, and grit which is the blueprint we use at The University of Alabama.”

Nick Saban, Head Football Coach, The University of Alabama

“The powerful message is this book is clear. Incredible things happen when we decide to just put one foot in front of the other. And if you look around and don't like where you are, keep moving until you do - that's grit.”

John Tyson, CEO and Chairman, Tyson Foods

"Anything Dr. Elko writes is a must read, if you’re committed to being great in the game of life!”

Cris Carter, NFL Hall of Fame, ESPN Analyst

“Dr. Kevin Elko shares a unique lens to view through and a powerful message to grow into. He has a servant’s heart that will make you better personally and professionally.”

Clint Hurdle, Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates

“Dr. Elko's message on the power of grit had a lot to do with our championship at Florida State—we teach it over and over. The message in this book will take you higher; it did the Noles.”

Jimbo Fisher, Head Football Coach, Florida State University

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