The Three R’s (Retreat, Rethink, Respond) of Effective Communication



A sign hangs on the wall in the weight room at the University of Alabama football team:

Poor nutrition cannot be undone by over-training.

Similarly, poor interaction skills cannot be undone simply by mastering technology in your chosen field. Interaction is a skill paramount in every other field. For example, the 3 reasons people chose physicians are for (1) affability, (2) availability and (3)ability, in this order. Furthermore, people decide on #3, ability, based on #1, affability (i.e., likeability).

In addition, all winners use processes and systems: repeatable, observable behaviors.

This seminar has become a most requested favorite, especially of insurance companies and financial services companies handling the challenges of their field. This seminar is geared toward leaders and service people in the field, to enable them to take challenges and turn their challenges into wins.

"This is the best talk I ever heard." – Testimony of Bryan Hubbard, Alpha Insurance