Attention Football Coaches and Players:

Are You Ready to Become a Championship Football Team?

Champions aren't created by accident... Championship Teams have a clear and concise vision of the process they need to follow and what they want to accomplish!

Introducing.... Vision for Victory: A Guide to Becoming a Football Champion

order one of these workbooks for every player on your team, work through the exercises and build your Championship Process together!

there is no better way to mentally prepare yourself to become a champion!  

This new workbook takes each player through the process of building a championship football team.  It doesn't cover the X's and O's but rather the mental approach needed to create a winning mindset.  This workbook contains stories and profiles of successful teams and athletes that have changed and excelled in order to attain greatness.  The exercises, together with your "Vision Card", which you will complete and carry with you in your wallet to constantly remind you of where you are going and what you need to do to get you there, is a process.  It has steps and it works if you are willing to commit yourself to hard work and the belief that what you are doing will take you to where you want to be... A Champion! 

Here are some of the topics covered in this workbook:

  • Creating your vision 
  • Developing clarity around your vision
  • Using "muscle memory"
  • Creating a "Focus Phrase" 
  • Finding the right energy level
  • Identifying your "68"
  • Bringing it all together with a Championship Imagery Script       

Dr. Elko used this program when he consulted with the back to back National Champion University of Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team along with previous National Championship Teams like LSU and The University of Miami. He also has worked with various other extremely successful athletic programs and teams including The University of Pittsburgh, The University of North Carolina and Rutgers University.  On the professional level, he has worked the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns.

Here's what a few of the games top current and former coaches say about Dr. Elko's impact:

"Kevin Elko is the real deal.  I've been there when he delivers one of his famous talks and he really fires everone up.  I'll never let anyone else talk to my team." - Nick Saban, Head Football Coach, University of Alabama
"There is no doubt in my mind that one of the reasons we turned the program around at the University of Miami and now at the University of North Carolina was Kevin Elko.  His program taught us valuable lessons about focusing, handling adversity as well as success.  Kevin has had a major impact on our success." - Butch Davis, Former Head Football Coach, University of North Carolina
"Kevin Elko taught us that winning comes from within.  He is a powerful teacher and motivator who helped us develop our National Championship Process." - Larry Coker, Former Head Football Coach, University of Miami   

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