Your Personal Pep Talk

Announcing Dr. Elko's new Audio CD Program

Your Personal Pep Talk:
13 Principles For Winning in Your Personal and Professional Life!

How would you answer these questions?

  • When opportunity comes your way, do you recognize it and take advantage of it?
  • When you face adversity, do you overcome it or let it ruin your day?  
  • When you are faced with difficult decisions in life, do you respond positively? 

It's all about attitude. Attitude is a muscle... not a gene and this audio program is your "workout" to build your attitude muscle.

This Audio CD is based on the principles from the book, The Pep Talk, by Dr. Kevin Elko and Robert Shook. It covers the 12 principles from the book and an addditional principle that Dr. Elko has added for this program. The 13 principles teach an approach to life. It's an approach that teaches you how to be successful, how to be a winner in everything you do and how to feel good about who you are.  

We recommend that you use this program as a training guide to prepare yourself for the every day things you will encounter.  Study each principle and think about how you can apply them to situations and opportunities that arise in your daily life.

Here are the Principles covered in this program:  

  1. Don't let thoughts about the past poison your future. 
  2. Seize the moment. 
  3. Nobody succeeds without the help of others. 
  4. Stay focused…the results will come. 
  5. Visualize your success. 
  6. Don’t let setbacks defeat you…adversity is part of life.   
  7. Be persistent.  Never, never give up. 
  8. Expect the competition to be strong. 
  9. Believe in others and others will believe in you. 
  10. Be a team player.     
  11. Believe and trust the process. 
  12. Believe you will succeed.  
  13. Each of us needs all of us.       

Remember... .before anything can become a Reality... you must create a Mentality!

Order Your Personal Pep Talk today and start to build the mentality for winning!

This product is available in a Audio CD format or a Digital Download MP3 format.

MP3 Digital Download: $27.99

 Interested in "The Pep Talk Bundle"?

The Pep Talk Bundle consists of Dr. Elko's book, The Pep Talk (Hard Cover), (movie rights were just sold and it is in the process of becoming a movie) along with his new audio CD program, Your Personal Pep Talk: 13 Principles For Winning in Your Personal and Professional Life

Pep Talk Bundle $41.99 (Discounted bundle price)

Note: The Your Personal Pep Talk Audio CD will be shipped directly from Kunaki, our fulfillment partner, while The Pep Talk Book will be shipped separately from One Source Marketing, our online store.